Meadow Grove is a small Belgian Shepherd Dog Kennel in Alberta that was established in the late 80’s  with the purchase of Torbrook’s Gilda, a Johnsondale’s Jory V Torbrook daughter.  Our focus is primarily on the Groenendael variety.

At one time I thought that being a breeder was the epitome of what dog sport was all about.   As with most things as you become experienced your opinions and attitudes often change.

Now my primary purpose in having Belgians is for my own enjoyment.   The enjoyment of showing, trialling, training, companionship and the human friendships that develop along the way. 

My goals are to try and realize the potential each dog has - whether it is in the conformation ring or performance events.   This breed is extremely versatile and I have learned it is a shame to let that all go to waste.   Each one will have unique as well as shared talents.

In short the kennel philosophy is to develop the potential in each dog and to ensure that they are sound, healthy and all round representatives of the breed. 

Purpose, goals and Philosophy